Collaboratively blocking bad actors from the Nigerian consumer finance credit ecosystem.


Use the Karma dataset to protect your financial services or loan decisioning from known bad actors. The data set is available in various formats.

Get Involved

When you contribute data, you protect others and others protect you. Join the Karma alliance to share data of known bad actors.

What we are not

Karma is not a credit bureau or a credit profile system, and it's not affiliated with any government agency. It's also not a public shaming website.


Karma is a privately sourced blacklist operated by an industry alliance. The purpose is to collate, track and share profiles of bad actors, helping lenders, fintechs, and security analysts to protect loans and payments ecosystem, including protecting customers from cyber threats.

Submissions to Karma are being shared with lenders and fintech within this alliance. If you are a lender or a fintech you may use data from Karma for both, commercial and non-commercial purpose without any limitation up to the limit of the data you have provided.

However, beyond your contribution, you may be charged a token to cover the cost of maintaining this service. If the APIs offered by Karma does not fit your needs, there is the possibility to request a customized API delivery. If you wish to do so, please email